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Innovation in Molecular Synthesis - Shanghai, China | Oct 22-24, 2017

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Join the Symposium! REGISTER
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Registration is now open. Reserve your spot at the ACS Publications Symposium: Innovation in Molecular Synthesis in Shanghai China. Early bird pricing ends August 1. Register early to qualify for a discounted registration fee, to receive membership to the American Chemical Society, and to get one FREE student ticket!

ACS Publications partners with iGroup China for efficient logistical planning of the symposium and the collection of registration fees.

ACS Publications Symposium
Shanghai, China
October 22-24, 2017
Early Bird SIOC/DICP/iChEM/Fudan/Xiamen/USTC member* $287 ¥1,975
Early Bird ACS Editor/EAB $287 ¥1,975
Early Bird Academic $334 ¥2,300
Standard Academic (Non-ACS member)** $428 ¥2,950
Standard Industry (Non-ACS member)** $523 ¥3,600
Standard Student (Non-ACS member)** $237 ¥3,600
Standard DICP/iChEM/SIOC/Fudan/Xiamen/USTC member** $378 ¥2,600
Standard Student DICP/iChEM/SIOC/Fudan/Xiamen/USTC member** $189 ¥1,300
Standard ACS Editor/EAB $378 ¥2,600
Standard ACS Member $378 ¥2,600
Standard Student Member $189 ¥1,300

*All early bird registrations include 1 free student ticket to the symposium and 1 year membership to ACS
**All standard, non-ACS member registrations include 1 year of membership to the American Chemical Society

The registration fee includes:

  • 5 Plenary sessions
  • 2 Poster sessions
  • Evening reception on Monday
  • Lunch for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday
  • Mid-session refreshment breaks
  • Symposium program book
  • ACS membership when applicable

All attendees are entitled to a 100% refund of the registration fee by 30 September and a 50% refund of the registration fee by 8 October. There will be no refunds after 8 October.